Touchgeo™ is a complete solution that enables mobile data collection for enterprises.  Written in HTML5, touchgeo is an open codebase that can be modified by developers to accomplish line-of-business data collection needs in the field.   The touchgeo application integrates with Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and supports modern devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface.   At the core of touchgeo is ISC’s MapDotNet™ UX server technology and its HTML5 map visualization control.

Any government or private organization managing assets or infrastructure over a wide area can benefit from touchgeo.    Touchgeo provides an easy way to expose spatial information and corresponding attributes to workers in the field while providing the flexibility for them to update information over wireless or cellular networks.  That includes updating location information as well as supporting information about the asset. Since location is a key component of asset management, the application is very map centric with a sleek and modern user interface designed for touch.

Feature list

  • Integrates with Microsoft SQL2008 / SQL2012 / SQL Azure and Dynamics CRM
  • Wide client platform support using HTML5 (desktop, tablet and smartphones)
  • Leverages Kendo Mobile UI and re-formats application layout to fit any target device
  • Client source code provided for a fully extensible solution
  • Attribute editor supports numerous datatypes including CRM reference entities and option-sets
  • Dynamic form generation driven completely by configurable metadata
  • Rich set of REST services for spatial and attribute data collection
  • Fully customizable authentication framework allows for easy integration into your security processes
  • Role-based access support built in and configurable
  • Incorporates Phonegap for photo support and is Phonegap-Build ready for app creation
  • Requires no programming out of the box and is configurable through MapDotNet UX Studio
  • Easily configured to support Bing Maps, OpenStreetMaps, MapQuest Open or your own basemap data.


Touchgeo includes a set of REST web services and an open HTML5 codebase that developers can easily extend.

Industries that can benefit from touchgeo

Any organization that collects or updates information about physical assets over a wide area like a campus, city, or state can leverage touchgeo.  This includes real estate companies, land management organizations, timber management, utilities, local government, university and college campus management, and many more.  Touchgeo also supports read-only access to the your data, meaning you can use it to publish data to the web for end users to view in the field.

Get started collecting today

By downloading the 60-day trial and following the installation/configuration instructions, you can start collecting data within a couple of hours.  If your organization doesn't have a development team, let us help you deploy touchgeo.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on licensing, training and services.