MapDotNet UX Help

Please note the following changes based on the product version number. The product version number is displayed during installation and may also be viewed in the MDN UX Studio About box.

MapDotNet UX Version 9 (version 09.17.2014

  • Resolved bug in Trial key license check causing trial license keys to expire disabling the web services.

MapDotNet UX Version 9 (version 08.15.2014

  • Improved label rendering and multi-line labels
  • Added “sum” to feature service
  • Support in Silverlight/WPF advanced drawing to modify history stack
  • Multiple enhancements to the mapsjs HTML5 map control library (see for details)
  • MapDotNet UX Services no longer support express-model

MapDotNet UX Version 9 (version 02.28.2014

MapDotNet UX v 9.3 includes new features added to the REST Services and numerous updates to the HMTL5 map control (MapsJS).


  • Fixed issue with parsing certain variants of WKT multipoint (WPF and Silverlight Map Controls)
  • Significant enhancements to mapsjs (HTML5 map control) – see for details


  • New ApplyRelationship service for WCF and REST to perform unions and intersections using SQL Server
  • New Buffer capability on the WCF and REST transform service
  • Improved renderer for maps with very large label collections


MapDotNet UX Version 9 (version 12.27.2013

MapDotNet UX v 9.2 includes a small number of new features added to the REST Services, numerous updates to the HMTL5 map control (MapsJS) and updated support for the Windows Azure SDK.

REST Services

  • New support for cross-domain JSON
  • New ReturnTypes flag for feature service
  • New DataSelectionKeywords MinMax, Count, Interval, Quantile for feature service
  • Added missing attribute Layer.Visible in MapDefinitionJSON
  • Upgraded Azure support to latest Azure SDK

Added <sessionState mode="Off"></sessionState> in services web.config to correct WCF REST issue with allowed concurrent connections

Multiple enhancements to the mapsjs control, please see here for its release notes: 

MapDotNet UX Version 9 (version 08.23.2013

MapDotNet v 9.1 includes a number of changes to the HTML5 map control, small updates to the Silverlight and WPF controls as well as support for file system tile caching.

MapsJS HTML5 Map Control (isc.rim.js)

  • Added contentRepositionAction to map control
  • AMD module support and detection for require js
  • KnockoutJS support now checks to see if it can be loaded via requireJS instaed of only globally
  • Added support to point clustering for aggregating attributes into clusters
  • Added rim.point.prototype.convertToPoly - 9.5.18
  • Fixed slight issue with opacity in rim html5 tile layers
  • Added buffer argument to REST Features by WKT
  • Added MapDefinitionJSON endpoint to REST service – returns map definition file in JSON
  • Added support for mouseWheelZoomsOverCenter (set to false by default to zoom over cursor)
  • Now checks to make sure map is initialized before ko subscriptions can access map
  • Added support for tile bleed on non-canvas tiles
  • Enhanced knockout JS support
  • Fixed digitizing issues where nodes are real close to one another
  • Added optional support for MDNSMapTileRequestor.UseQuadKeyForMapCacheName
  • Added support for key/val pairs to pass into ajax call on requestor
  • Embedded JS dependencies save for jQuery
  • Added support to use image elements when canvas capability not needed.
  • Added composition support for print-friendly output.

Silverlight and WPF Map Controls

  • DeleteAllParts method; "Clear Shape" node option on any part not just new ones; allow "Clear Shape" to remove final part.
  • MDNSGeomTileRequestor.QuadTileReadCacheEvent to support QueryResponse or QueryResponseTable in addition to serialized QueryResponse


  •  Support Integrated Security in SQL Server data connection dialogs
  • Out-of-the-box file system tile caching support.  Easily build tile caches to consume in your MapsJS apps!

REST Web Services

  • REST bug fix re scale arg not used in REST LegendIcon method
  • Recognize code page markers as per ESRI + treat "57" as "use system default" rather than ANSI.  Port code from MDNS 8 to strip out non-XML-compliant characters.

MapDotNet UX Version 9 (version 9.0.4000.0) 04.23.2013

The latest version of MapDotNet UX adds further support for HTML5, Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone and IE10. The rendering engine is built on .NET 4.5 and the samples are Visual Studio 2012 projects. Solutions built on MapDotNet UX Version 8.3 should upgrade to version 9 without issue. The following changes from 9.0.0000.0 are all changes to the HTML5 map control and JavaScript SDK:


  • Added support for Win8 Surface and Windows 8 phone
  • Added support for Nokia base-maps
  • Added a contains function to geometry polygons
  • Added mapInitializedAction to call a function once the map has initialized
  • Added function setDrawnContentZorderToTop to the map control to allow moving the drawing context above the map navigation panel so you can handle pointer events on drawn elements (see the new draggable element iSDK sample demonstrating this.)
  • Added a setLayerFillAsExpression function to the MapDotNet UX tile requestor
  • Added moveFixedContentElement function to the map control
  • Added setSuspendMapExtentChangesByGestures to the map control to freeze the map by prohibiting pointer input from users
  • Added updatePathGeometryStyle to update the style a path geometry added to the map via addPathGeometry
  • Added deleteNodeOnDigitizePath to the map control to allow programmatic deletion of nodes during digitization
  • Added the new options style of declaration for the entire framework (see the basic map in the iSDK for this new declaration style)
  • Added support for max available content zoom level for tile requestors and the ability to zoom beyond the content’s max level by stretching content
  • Added getCacheEnabled and setCacheEnabled on MDN requestors
  • Updated the framework to the latest jQuery and jQuery UI (also removed dependency on $.browser)
  • Added ability to independently control inter-level tile rendering separate from the backdrop feature 
  • Added support to lessen the effects of the latest Chrome issue with jittery rendering of canvas contexts with a scale transform applied (the problem may still be observed in some cases and future versions of Chrome will hopefully address this)
  • Added support for custom request processor to facilitate offline use (see new iSDK sample)
  • Added a tile preload function to isc.rim.tile.layer
  • Added new local data requestor with support for Knockout js
  • Updated Kendo UI mobile iSDK sample to latest nightly build
  • Added an iSDK entry to demonstrate improved usage of the map control in resizable panels
  • Fixed ctrl-key zoom and flyTo bug along with several other minor issues
  • Improved frame rates and memory resource usage


MapDotNet UX Version 8


Version 8.3.2000.0 (released 9/20/2012)

  • Services
    • Improved cache-control on REST services including Feature service
    • Support for merging where-clause in REST Feature service with existing where clause in map file
  • Studio
    • Copy mouse position to clipboard
    • Create a new table (with constraints and spatial index) directly in Studio for SQL Server connector
    • Change order of metadata entries using up/down arrows
  • SDK
    • Updated to latest Azure SDK
    • Improved touch support in RIM HTML5 map control

Version 8.3.1000.0 (released 6/18/2012)

  • Services
  • SDK
    • Major improvements to HTML5 map control and interactive SDK including; density map renderer, support for distance and area measurements, snapping, client-side bitmap tile processing, mobile geo-location, fly-to animation, mouse hover, improved touch support, and several new iSDK entries.
    • Resolved dispose issue with RIM WPF and Silverlight map control
    • Minor fix to advanced shape editing in Silverlight.

Version 8.3.0000.0 (released 4/13/2012)

  • Services
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 support
    • Significant improvements to the REST services interface (including feature update service with authorization)
    • JSONP support in REST interface
    • Support data-driven colors in polygon hatch fills
    • Legend icon service enhancements (support label-only and marker-only icons)
    • Bug fix to ApplyDefaultStyle in KML connector
    • Misc renderer improvements in terms of resource management
  • Studio
    • MS SQL Server 2012 support
  • SDK
    • Major improvements to HTML5 map control and interactive SDK
    • HTML5 polygon and polyline digitizing
    • Full support for Bing license key and metadata handling
    • Improved ETag support to better facilitate data editing with REST and HTML5

Version 8.2.6000.0 (released 2/22/2012)

  • Services
    • Improved windows resource management in renderer
  • Studio
    • Improved support for SSL, automatic detection
  • SDK
    • Upgraded to Silverlight 5
    • Upgraded to latest Azure SDK 1.6
    • Upgraded to latest Windows Phone 7.1 SDK
    • Improved support for SSL, automatic detection in RIM MDN and Bing ITileRequestors
    • Added new "momentum" physics (use exclusive-or with panning inertia) - samples use the new version
    • Support for node-drag override in advanced drawing to better facilitate snapping
    • Improved overlap and contains client-side testing with higher floating point precision
    • SuspendLoadingDuringZoomAnimations now defaults to true (note: this is a breaking change if you were not explicitly setting)
    • ForwardOnlyUnhandledMouseGestures now defaults to true (note: this is a breaking change if you were not explicitly setting)
    • Improved framerates on WPF, Silverlight and WP7 map controls
    • Fixed map dispose issue not releasing timer in TileLoader
    • Minor issue resolution

Version 8.2.5000.0 (released 12/16/2011)

  • Services
    • NEW feature support to our REST services for accessing vector and point content directly (note: REST is supported on IIS6, IIS7 and up)
    • Improved error logging (more information on GetMap is written to the service logs)
    • Support for automatically re-creating a spatial index during data appends expanding dataset bounds using the feature update service
    • Enhanced support for views
    • Added query feature limit to web.config
    • Added TouchMapFile method to admin service so applications can inform the REST services to update the ETAG
  • Studio
    • Fixed bug in Studio when 'revert' is applied to a map file that was manually edited and corrupted
  • SDK
    • NEW BETA release of our RIM (Rich Interactive Mapping) HTML5 control complete with online help and interactive SDK
    • Added feet and square-feet to measurement function in WPF/Silverlight
    • Fixed issue with chunked http transport in RIM WPF
    • Other minor tweaks and performance improvements

Version 8.2.1000.0 (released 8/15/2011)

  • Services
    • More improvements to globalization support for renderer and database connectors
  • Studio
    • Fixed optional label classification style exception introduced in 8.1
    • Support for new Bing authorization service and usage tracking in Studio
  • SDK
    • New DynamicLabelRenderer support for client-side Silverlight labeling
    • Silverlight RIM Map no longer renders in Visual Studio design view to prevent Visual Studio Exception where it cannot handle a WCF call
    • Fixed Silverlight sample not working in FireFox.
    • Added ViewChangeStart event to MapView to correspond with ViewChangeComplete event
    • Added Layer.HideLabels to the map/layer object model so that labels can easily be hidden without the overhead of modifying LayerState
    • Support for new Bing authorization service and usage tracking in the BingMapsTileRequestor for WPF and Silverlight
    • Expanded support in BingMapsTileRequestor for setting various attributes (e.g. hill shading, culture, picks up generation automatically)
    • Updated SDK help files to VS2010 style
    • DeployLX licensing dll updated to version 4.0 so all MDN UX dependencies are .NET 4.0 (please note if you are updating an existing project with this latest version, you must use the new version of the DeployLX dll provided in the ReferencedDLLs folder in your MDN installation)
    • Added change notification support to ITileRequestor so certain property changes in the requestor can automatically notify the TileLayer of a change. This is a breaking change for those who have implemented their own ITileRequestor. You will need to at least add this stub: public override event EventHandler InternalConfigurationChange

Version 8.2.0000.0 (released 5/20/2011)

  • Services
    • NEW MapInfo MapXtreme data connector allows spatial queries and rendering
    • Better support for retry during spatial queries and editing (useful in cloud environments such as Microsoft SQL Azure)
  • Studio
    • NEW Support for password (PIN) protecting maps so other Studio users cannot see or edit them
    • Support for whitespace in table names
    • Removed label glow support since WPF4 does not support it on low-level graphic constructs
    • Added padding setting (left, top, right, bottom) for label backgrounds
  • SDK
    • Minor fix to FlyToAnimate where the zoom level is changed but the position remains the same
    • Moved ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial and MapInfo connectors into an "Additional Connectors" folder since these connectors have third-party dependencies which must be installed prior to use
    • Ability to suspend and resume complex editor and supported in RIM when you Begin/End a PathElement

Version 8.1.4000.0 (released 3/28/2011)

  • Services
    • Added support for data-driven rotation angle for point features in the renderer
  • Studio
    • NEW ETL support for appending and updating the target datasource!
    • NEW column expression support allows you to create custom expressions and assign to various data-driven rendering parameters
    • Supported option to enable rollback on ETL transaction blocks
    • Right-click option to rename a map
    • UI for data-driven rotation angle for point features
    • Minor cosmetic improvements
  • SDK
    • New DistanceFrom overloads and better support for computing distance to polygons with holes
    • There is now a MapID parameter on the WMSClient class (you no longer have to manually append it)
    • MDNSDirectGeomTileRequestor now checks LayerID for auto-descriptor-build
    • Added methods to Common.Maps.Layer for min/max scale dependencies which works across all classifications

Version 8.1.3000.0 (released 2/14/2011)

  • Services
    • Fix dispatcher pool allocation in certain licensing scenarios
    • Connector discovery now supports schema.table syntax in table create
    • Minor improvements to PNG8 support
  • Studio
    • No changes
  • SDK
    • Support for both Bing AJAX v6.3 (default.aspx) and v7 (default7.aspx) in SampleBing
    • Support in MDNSMapTileRequestor to use extents in ILayerDescriptorInitializer if descriptor is a MapRequest
    • Updates to Core.Services.AzureBlobStorage to support recent Azure SDK release 1.3
    • Added where clause Filter property to MDNSGeomTileRequestor
    • In WMS ITileRequestor include EndpointAddress in hashing descriptor
    • Stop MouseHoverTimer when EnableMouseHoverEvents changes from true to false.
    • Added State object property for PointSymbol
    • NotifyDescriptorChange now respects changes in the QueryRequest for MDNSGeomTileRequestDescriptor

Version 8.1.2000.0 (released 1/10/2011)

  • Services
    • Map Renderer now supports PNG8 with full per-pixel transparency! - this can reduce tile footprints to a small fraction of PNG32
    • Upgraded REST and WMS services to support new PNG8 support
    • Fixed case-sensitivity issue in SQL2008 geometry types constraint
    • Updated PostGIS connector to support PostgreSQL version 9
  • Studio
    • New feature allows user to update database connections across all map layers in one operation
    • Using latest Bing maps generation in Studio
  • SDK
    • Added eraseOnEnd overload flag for end shape drawing
    • Fixed leak in event handler for new TouchFrame support
    • PointElement can now take a UIElement in the constructor
    • Added Serialize helper method on Shape wrapping static version

Version 8.1.1000.0 (released 10/25/2010)

  • SDK
    • Official release of our new RIM map control for Windows Phone 7 (WP7)
    • Added new WP7 sample application - see samples folder
    • Added TouchFrame support for WPF, WP7 and SL4 for multitouch (pinch) zoom - see new WP7 mobile sample for usage
    • Added new ray and segment intersection methods to PointSetShape in Common library
    • Added support for ShapeOverride in PathRenderInfo class
    • Fixed recently introduced bug in Engine sample
    • Support for suspending tile swapping similar to suspend tile loading - see MapController property

Version 8.1.0000.0 (released 9/29/2010)

  • SDK
    • Added new ShapeEditing class for managing very complex and large polygons and polylines (including sub-parts like rings and holes) on all supported RIM platforms (see WPF sample and iSDK online for details). This class provides a lot of functionality for full-featured spatial data editing in WPF, Silverlight and even WP7
    • Added new ink sketching for map mark-up in WPF - see SketchContentArea and WPF sample
    • Added new RIM for WP7 mobile (BETA) - we will be adding pinch manipulations for the final release.
    • Greatly improved RIM framerates (as much as doubled on slower to medium performance machines)
    • FlyToAnimate now supports Envelope parameter
    • Added "Enable" methods for certain internal event generation to maximum performance when exposure to these events are not needed (see sample apps for usage)
    • Added PostPush event to IContentArea so developers can tap into this wire-up event
    • ITileProjection.GetMapViewMatrixTransform no longer takes the map center as a parameter (this is a breaking change on an public interface developers rarely implement)

Version 8.0.2000.0 (released 8/26/2010)

  • Services
    • New REST map interface! (more information)
    • Dynamic loading of datasources - UX Services now allow for database connectors to be optional (simply remove the connector dll to disable)
    • New admin service returns the currently available datasources (database connectors) for a given UX deployment
    • 32bit Oracle support returns to UX using new ODP.NET (.net 4) connector from Oracle
  • Studio
    • Checks connected UX services and only allows selection of data sources which are supported on the server
    • There are new options in the Map and Layer dialogs in Studio for tuning rendering performance.

  • SDK
    • Added REST ITileRequestors to WPF and Silverlight
    • Added /UXSDK35 SDK (.net 3.5 SDK dlls) to install so developers can use UX8 on their existing UX7 / Visual Studio 2008 configurations
    • Shape Simplify method improvements
    • Updated samples to use correct Silverlight version 50524
    • Fixed bug in AppendToShapfile
    • Improved PointRenderInfo for Point rendering to include offset and to allow construction from element instead of only XAML
    • Fixed left-up command firing bug

Version 8.0.1000.0 (released 6/16/2010)

  • Services
    • Added retry support for all Azure connectors (blob storage and SQL Azure)
    • Added support for Azure data logging
  • Studio
    • Fixed issue with map tile overlapping on edges
  • SDK
    • Exposed WCF binding on map and feature service proxies in respective ITileRequestors (so bindings can be changed at runtime)
    • Exposed connection strings in Silverlight map layers for ad hoc layer creation
    • Added HandleWMSStretchLocally flag to WMSTileRequestor to support non-OGC-compliant WMS
    • Added right-mouse support (click and dbl-click) to Silverlight RIM (MapView)
    • Added ContentElementOverlay property to RIM MapView to access and lazy-load IMapViewChild ContentArea
    • Fixed bug in Polygon.Clone
    • Added Envelope.Contains(Envelope)
    • Fixed Engine Sample


  • Services
    • Services upgraded to WCF 4.0 (.net 4.0)
    • Map renderer upgraded to WPF 4.0 (.net 4.0)
    • Added Viewer.aspx Silverlight page to services as a map preview tool
    • Licensing upgraded to DeployLX
    • Full support for Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Studio
    • Upgraded to WPF 4.0
    • Upgraded help system
  • SDK
    • Support for Visual Studio 2010
    • Silverlight and WPF RIM visualization upgraded to 4.0
    • Added support for "generations" in Bing Maps tile requestor
    • Removed all obsolete methods in 7.0



MapDotNet UX Version 7

Version 7.1.9000

  • Services
    • Added IStorage abstraction for all file access so UX Services can be deployed to Windows Azure and use blob storage
    • Added IStorage implementations for file system and Azure blob storage
    • Added support for "mapLocked" attribute in MapFiles.xml index file to support read-only maps in Azure
    • Added support in shapefile connector to support appending records
    • Added WMS metadata for caching support
    • Improved attribute indexing on shapefile connector
    • Improved label collision tests in map rendering engine
    • Resolved issue with new WMS support for non-US locales
  • Studio
    • Can now select a shapefile connector as an output of an ETL - i.e. can now export to shapefiles
    • New UI for ETL output to chose which columns to attribute index on shapefiles
    • Improved metadata editor UI
    • Improved "add new server" UI to handle several URI variations whereas before the precise URI was expected
    • Added a default entry in the server list for the locally installed WCF services
    • Fixed issue with data source losing sync with shapefile and KML files
  • SDK
    • Added new PointtoBitmapRenderer for Silverlight
    • Improved client bitmap rendering speeds
    • Fixed an issue with FlyToNavigate method on MapController when delta-x or delta-y = 0 and first method call zoomed way out
    • Improved error handling on all ITileRequestors
    • Many improvements to PathElement and the node panel including stylization and language localization


Version 7.1.8000

  • Services
    • Resolved issue with new WMS support for non-US locales
    • Added "LIKE" support to shapefile connector (Feature Service)
  • SDK
    • Added new FlyTo method on MapController for navigating waypoints
    • Added new overloads to navigation methods on MapController
    • Added new SuspendLoadingDuringZoomAnimations flag to TileLayer to improve frame rates when navigating waypoints
    • Improved server usage of Microsoft ECN for Bing Maps tile requestor
    • Improved the use of easing values - see new static class EasingValues and deprecated properties on MapController
    • Fixed issue with disposing Map instance when it is removed from the viual tree - see new Close method on Map
    • Improved density mapping (better Gaussian kernal and more capabilities)
    • Mouse cursor now restores properly to previously set-value during a map drag-pan
    • Added an HttpStatusNotOKResponseImage to bitmap requestors so users can specify a default tile image when requested image fails to load

Version 7.1.7000

  • Services
    • Added OGC standard version 1.1.1 and 1.3 WMS (see OGC folder located off of the UX services root.)
  • SDK
    • Added overloads for BeginPathElement and other drawing methods not requiring z-order and versions taking new z-order enumeration
    • Fixed issue in density mapping bitmap generation (existed in WPF version only)
    • Added support for making compression optional in UX bitmap and geometry tile requestors
    • Further improvements to RIM framerates

Version 7.1.6000

This is a performance improvement release targeting primarily WPF and Silverlight map navigation refresh rates

Version 7.1.5000

This is a performance improvement release targeting primarily WPF and Silverlight tiling and backdrop

Version 7.1.4000

  • Studio
    • Support for label glow background
    • Support to edit a map's minimum bleed ratio
    • Better support for label padding
    • Added a tile status and position overlay diagnostic to map view
    • Show area and perimeter on cache polygon
    • Improved symbol editor to better coordinate symbol name and symbol filename
    • Support for marker placement offset shows a crosshair where insertion point should be
  • Services
    • Mapx files now accept a minimum bleed ratio which overrides the map request bleed ratio if it is too low.
  • SDK
    • Improved RIM panning and zoom performance
    • Fixed InitializeDescriptor in MDNSDirectMapTileRequestor
    • Fixed issue with backdrop being disabled automatically in MDNSMapTileRequestor
    • Removed case sensitivity to WCF service proxy URI test
    • Silverlight mouse wheel now uses internal Silverlight 3 support
    • Added a PathToBitmapRenderer to Silverlight RIM to match WPF version
    • Updated Engine sample to use file-based caching instead of SQL compact
    • Fixed issue with enabling edit nodes on PathElement
    • Added file-based tile cache for ortho imagery to Engine sample

Version 7.1.3600

All DLL versions and executables now match the installer version to make it easier for customers to track which version of each component of the product they have installed.

  • Studio
    • New pushpin symbols added to general library
    • Minor improvement to layer classification form
    • Uses latest WPF map control with improved navigation
  • Services
    • Improved sample map and new sample including additional base layers
  • SDK
    • Improved XAML declarative support in RIM
    • All samples have been improved to use new declarative support and new sample map files
    • Mouse-wheel and double-click zoom zooms in/out over mouse cursor
    • Additional mouse event handlers for each RoutedCommand version
    • Improved mouse event handlers for double-click, mouse hover, single clicks

Version 7.1.0000

  • Studio
    • Support for http proxy for Bing base-map tile access
    • Support for data-driven rendering fields in map object model
    • Means to copy/paste symbol XAML from an imported map file into your symbol library
    • Better metadata editing UI
    • Support to copy layers between maps
    • Multiple fixes and tweaks
  • Services
    • Various performance improvements and improved error handling especially for ArcSDE
  • SDK
    • Support for Silverlight 3 in RIM
    • Added new geometry tile requestor for Engine
    • Virtual Earth components deprecated and added new Bing Map versions
    • Various performance enhancements and fixes

Version 7.00.0063

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
    This release includes bug fixes and performance enhancements throughout the product.

  • New Data Connectors
    Two new data connectors (Oracle Spatial and KML) have been added to the product.  In this debut release of the new data connectors, they should be considered to be beta implementations. The release versions of these connectors will be in our next release - 7.1.

    Oracle Spatial
    Support for querying and editing Oracle Spatial data is provided.  In Studio you can import from Oracle Spatial but you cannot export to it.

    To use the Oracle Spatial connector, Oracle Instant Client must be installed on the server hosting the UX web services, or, to use it with Studio Engine, the machine Studio is installed on.  Oracle databases must be specified using TNS names.  The Oracle Instant Client can be downloaded at

    Further notes on the Oracle Spatial connector:
    • Support is provided only for rendering and querying actual tables, not views.
    • All such tables must be spatially indexed.
    • Tables that contain custom data types (other than SDO_GEOMETRY) will not be available through Oracle data connections in Studio.  An error message will appear in the log for each such table.
    • When data is in geographic coordinates, buffer distances are assumed to be in meters.
    • There is no support for creating tables or indexes or for dropping tables, neither in Studio nor directly through the Admin Service.
    • Data returned from calls to AdminService.GetSpatialTableDescription or AdminService.GetSpatialTableDescriptions will not include recognition of identity columns- Attributes[n].IsIdentity will always be false.
    • Tables that contain custom data types (other than SDO_GEOMETRY) will be returned as error tables by AdminService.GetSpatialTableDescriptions.

    KML Files
    Support for extracting spatial data from Placemark elements in KML files is supported. This includes extracting geometries and a small number of data elements as described below.  It does not include parsing styles from Placemark elements.

    KML support is very similar to shapefile support and has all the same limitations on queries.  There is a new <mapdotnet.kmlfilesettings> section in the UX web service web.config file very similar to the configuration section for shapefiles.

    If you have upgraded from an earlier version of MapDotNet UX, web and application files may not be updated to include the new section.  Before you can use KML you'll need to modify these config files as follows:

    In the <configSections>, add
    <section name="mapdotnet.kmlfilesettings" type="System.Configuration.NameValueFileSectionHandler" />
    and after the <mapdotnet.shapefilesettings> section, add
    <!-- add key="Password" value="myPass"></add -->
    <add key="DefaultPath" value="..\KMLfiles"></add>

    The KML connector extracts Placemark objects.  The following are available as queryable columns:
    • GeometryIndex - 0-based index into the set of placemarks (order is the same as the original file)
    • name, description - sub-elements of a Placemark element
    • Folder - represents  elements containing the placemark as follows:
      • The Folder's <name> sub-element is used as the folder name.  Folders without a name are ignored.  The Placemarks are still read but the nameless folders are not included in the Placemark's folder path.
      • "/" is used for the folder if a Placemark has no folder.
      • "/" separates nested folders, i.e. /Polygons/Buildings
      • When using a filter or where clause that tests Folder,
        Folder = '/Polygons'
        will return only Placemarks directly in the /Polygons folder, not in /Polygons/Buildings.  Use the * wildcard to include subfolders. 
        Folder = '/Polygons/*'
        will return Placemarks from both /Polygons and /Polygons/Buildings.

Version 7.0.0062

  • Studio
    • new color chooser throughout the application
    • can now clear values in label column, classification column fields
    • can now change connection type and table name when changing a layer connection
    • improved color themes dialog- opacity slider, better interpolation
    • prevent creation of duplicate layer IDs within a map
    • now allow two layers in different maps but with duplicate IDs to be open at the same time
    • set less restrictive type check constraints in SQL Server 2008 data source
    • text boxes are now display-only on min, max zoom level sliders in tile cache generator
    • support for multiple "all" classification
    • can now copy a scale group
    • support for re-order classes within a scale group
    • can now remove class from scale group within context menu
  • SDK
    • Improved RIM WMS connector to use either tile layer’s projection or geographic 4326 (whichever is available)
    • Improved Shape Library performance
    • Added overloads to RIM beginPathElement to start from an existing shape to edit
    • Added overloads to RIM shape adding to not require a z-index for convenience
    • Dbl-click time is now exposed on Silverlight MapViewBase

Version 7.0.0060

  • SDK
    • Improvements to line simplification routines for polylines and polygons
    • New Polygon.Rings, Polyline.Paths, and PointSetShapes.Points properties as convenience references to "this" for appropriate subshape collections
    • Layer properties LineColorColumn and FillColorColumn, and Classification property UseStylePropertyDataColumns and related support for data-driven symbology
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 connector can now detect spatial indexes associated with views
    • Changed EPSG 3785 to match recent amendment to 3857
    • Reduced serialization footprint on query result-set rows - note, this is a breaking change and applications built with this version must connect to a UX feature service of this version
    • Added overload methods to CompareTo in PointSetShape
    • PolyElement uses bevel join instead of miter in RIM Silverlight and WPF
    • Fixed an issue introduced in 7.00.0059 for the RIM left mouse button down command execution

Version 7.0.0059

  • SDK
    • Improved density mapping by a adding post-cell processing delegate
    • Fixed issue with auto-compute of max cell value in density mapping
    • Added panning inertia to RIM WPF and Silverlight
      • you can disable this behavior (keeping the current behavior) by setting MapController.EnablePanningInertia = false
    • Added X, Y property to VectorEventArgs holding the total vector from the origin (Dx, Dy still holds change from last move) – if you are using this event argument this is a breaking change as the constructor takes an additional parameter.
      • Also fixed Dx and Dy returning inverted values.

Version 7.0.0058

  • SDK
    • The obsolete version of SphericalMercatorProjection (was in the root RIM namespace) has been removed. This class is in the Projections namespace. Please note your page XAML which might still reference the old version. All samples reference the correct namespace.
    • MapView properties on Map and MapController are now of type MapViewBase. This is a breaking change and is in preparation for an upcoming release supporting new views using the MVC pattern. If your application accesses the MapView property on the Map or MapController, either change the type in your application to MapViewBase or cast the instance on Map or MapController to type MapView.
    • Layer.ExactClassificationsConsumeFeatures - This new property, along with the classification properties below, were added to improve performance of maps with very large numbers of classifications (hundreds to thousands.) If there are a large number of "Exact" classifications, set this true if you want exact classifications to remove features from the list as they render so subsequent classifications iterate a smaller list.  If you do this, any "All" classifications that should render for all features must be listed prior to your "Exact" classifications.  An "All" classification after the "Exact" classification will only see features not rendered by any "Exact" classification.  Layer.ExactClassificationsConsumeFeatures must be set in code.  UX Studio does not yet provide a way to set it.  Classification order, if needed, should be ensured through code as well.
    • Classification.ClassificationStates enumeration and Classification.ClassificationState property - supports "Baseline" Classifications in a Layer where the LayerState is "Modified".  If the Layer.LayerState is "Modified" but the Classification.ClassificationState is "Baseline", the classification ID is sent in the Layer's _XMLBaselineClasses property and the Classification is not serialized.  _XMLBaselineClasses should not be set directly from user code.  All Classifications within the layer must have unique IDs to support this.  "Modified" or "Unset" classifications are serialized and will list prior to "Baseline" classifications.  This feature significantly reduces the size of a serialized "Modified" Layer with many "Baseline" classifications.
    • Minor fixes to MarkerVisualOverlay
    • Added Move method to PointElement
    • Added overload method to Clear on IContentArea allowing pre-check predicate to determine if an IMapViewChild should be removed from content area
    • Added Serialize/Deserialize on DataTable
    • Added EditDataTable method on QueryResultTable so spatial queries can conveniently become updates/inserts using FeatureUpdateService

Version 7.0.0057

  • Studio
    • Can now reset the connect string for a map layer to make it easier to deploy maps from one environment to another: go to “modify layer” and note the new Data Source field. The launch button to the right will open a dialog to allow you to paste a new connect string from another datasource overriding the current value. Connect strings to spatial data is encrypted and not editable directly after the layer is created. This is done for security reasons.
  • Services
    • Minor fix where a SQL2008 spatial index was not used if a spatial filter was outside the bounds of the index
  • SDK
    • Added NotifyDataSourceChange method to TileLayer for cases where underlying data changes affecting rendering
    • SDK now includes full Intellisense XML files for Visual Studio
    • Virtual Earth tile requestor can now take either string or map type enumeration
    • Density mapping Render method change to allow more flexible renderings and mappings between cell values and color array (this is a breaking change)
    • Added support in the Tile Cache Preloader for a pluggable ITileRequestor so other types of tile pyramids (other than MDN UX bitmap tiles) may be preloaded

Version 7.0.0056

  • Studio
    • Added new map templates into Studio for two new projections
    • Improved max scale auto-compute in Studio across projections
    • VE Developer account password now masked
  • Services
    • Added extent crossing and cropping support to handle new map definition attributes
  • SDK
    • Better support in Silverlight and WPF RIM for creating and using map projections – you can now set the Projection property on an existing map-instance to switch projections on the fly
    • The following projections are now available in the ISC.MapDotNetServer.RIM.WPF.Projections and ISC.MapDotNetServer.Silverlight.Projections namespaces:
      • SphericalMercatorTileProjection – already existed but moved (previous version still exists but is marked obsolete)
      • WorldEquidistantTileProjection – spherical world geographic projection in meters
      • GeographicWGS84TileProjection – geographic projection in degrees using WGS84 spheroid
    • Improved support for world coverage maps
      • Added map file envelope attribute (MAXIMUMEXTENTS) to specify max extents rendered
      • Added map file Boolean (TESTFORCROSSINGMAXIMUMEXTENTS) attribute to tell renderer to test for data crossing max extents (for example data crossing the antimeridian)
    • Improved navigation zoom/pan control in sample apps

Version 7.0.0055

  • Studio
    • Exporting/creating map files will now format XML for human readability
    • Selecting no-base-map now shows correct source logo
  • SDK
    • Added Density mapping library (Maps.Extended assembly) to both WPF and Silverlight
    • Added Engine component to the UX product - this is a standalone version of the UX rendering, editing and analysis services for desktop and disconnected solutions
    • Added Engine sample to sample applications
    • Improved RIMServicesBridge for Engine customers - now supports asynchronous spatial queries
    • Can now add error event handler directly to ITileRequestor instances
    • Improved error reporting in cache preloader
    • Added Clear() method to IContentArea implementations

Version 7.0.0054

  • Studio
    • Added OpenStreetMap option to base maps
    • Improved max-scale computation when adding a new layer
  • Services
    • Bracketed identifiers in SQL08 connector to better handle reserved names
  • SDK
    • Resolved polyline / polygon affinity issue in Simplify method
    • Added support in RIM bitmap requestors (Virtual Earth, Google, OpenStreetMap, etc) to support direct and proxy access
    • Added double-left-click zoom-in support for when Silverlight control windowless == false
    • Added support for node editing panel in RIM to support left-click open for cases where right-click not supported (windowless == false)
    • Updated samples to include OpenStreetMap base-maps

Version 7.0.0053

  • Studio
    • Can now leave either the "From" or "To" of a classification unbounded.
    • Map control tile fading implemented
    • App-configuration services timeout setting is now used properly
    • Added support for SQL2008 spatial index hints
    • Fixed exception when closing the wait dialog for editing a layer by the chrome close-box instead of the close button.
  • Services
    • New configuration setting (MaxFeaturesRenderedPerLayer) to limit renderer features to prevent denial of renderer services under extreme requests
    • Map renderer location of map files configuration could get lost - this has been fixed.
    • Renderer would not render holes properly on overlapping polygons - this has been resolved.
  • SDK
    • Added a NotifyDescriptorChange public method to TileLayer to provide developers with an explicit way to indicate a Descriptor change without having to call the property setter
    • There were inconsistencies between Silverlight and WPF in how content refreshing occurs. This has been corrected.
    • TileLayer fade-In duration on WPF now works correctly and is plugged into Studio as well
    • QuadTileLoadingQueueHasNewEntriesCommand event did not fire when using MapControl.ZoomLevelAnimate but it did when using MapControl.ZoomLevel. It did not fire when manually zooming out on the map (aka the mouse wheel). These issues have been resolved.
    • Silverlight mouse gesture forwarding in the RIM Map control wasn't working in all scenarios. This has been resolved
    • Added a ForwardOnlyUnhandledMouseGestures property to the MapController to increase flexibility in how mouse gesture forwarding is handled
    • WCF Service proxy class now takes an optional timeout
    • ASHX in Silverlight and VE Samples now work correctly under IIS7 "classic" pipeline