MapDotNet UX Help

The following is an overview of how to perform a copy deployment of the MapDotNet UX Web Services (v7.x thru v9.x) to another server.

Step 1 – Copy the needed directories to your target server

The directories needed to deploy the web services are the ‘Content’, ‘Proj4’ and ‘Service’ folders.

The ‘Content’ folder contains your mapfiles (.mapx) and the mapfiles.xml.

The ‘Proj4’ folder contains your projection libraries.

The ‘Service’ folder contains all of your web services and your web.config.

On a default installation, those folders are located at:   C:\Program Files\MapDotNet\[your product version]

Copy the ‘Content’, ‘Proj4’ and ‘Service’ to a location on your target server.  All configuration references in the MapDotNet files are relative and you may deploy these files to the path of your choosing.  That being said, these folders should all reside in the same folder on your target machine.

Give the Network Service user Full privileges on these folders.

Step 2 – Set the environment variable for the Proj4 libraries

In order for the projection engine to work properly, you must set an Environment Variable pointing to the location of the Proj4 folder.

Variable = PROJ_LIB

Value =  <YourTargetDeploymentPath>\Proj4

Step 3 – Create an Application Pool for the Web Services

Open IIS Manager and add a new application pool called ‘MapDotNetUX[your product version]’.

If you have a different user other than ‘Network Service’, you’ll need to set the Identity in the advanced properties.

Step 4 – Create a new Application for the Web Services

Add a new application under the desired website called ‘MapDotNetUX[your product version]’.


Step 5 – Configure SSL

If the copy source was not using SSL and the destination will be, replace the <system.serviceModel> section of the web.config file with the following:

Step 6 – Install the license key

A. Unzip the license key provided by ISC and copy it to the ‘Service’ directory.
B. Delete the current .lic key for your source machine that is currently in the ‘Service’ directory.
C. Give the license ASPNET or Network Service (depending on your OS) read privileges

Step 7 – Test the services

In order to test the services, connect using a MapDotNet UX Studio.  For your deployment you’ll want to use a version of Studio that is on a different machine to avoid loopback issues.