Touchgeo Help

Please note the following release information for touchgeo:


10-16-2012 Version 1.08


  • touchgeo services
    • added support for date range filtering
    • added support for populating user id in CRM entity reference field
    • added "[now]" default for date/datetime fields
  • touchgeo client
    • fixed Google Chrome plugin check for IE 8/9
    • added support for date range filtering for both identify and map features displayed
    • added internationalization support (see isc.touchgeo.resource.js)
    • added support for multipoint digitizing
    • added datetime field type
    • added hyperlink field type
    • configuration allows for base map initialization
    • fixed hide legend metadata
    • several minor tweaks and issue resolution

09-17-2012 Version 1.02

Initial release.