Touchgeo Help

The following steps describe how leverage a CRM Contact Entity to control usernames and passwords in touchgeo.  This approach is not the required way to control access to a touchgeo application, but is an easy to implement authentication approach.  By leveraging the Contact Entity, you can set up usernames with the 'Email' field and passwords by creating a secure 'Password' field.

Step 1 - Add “password” (secure text) field to Contact Entity

Step 2 - Publish your CRM customizations 

Step 3 - Add a “userID” (type uniqueid) to your SQL server tables

This allows you to track data CRUD operations by user which is help in search and filtering in touchgeo.

Step 4 - Add a “SQLColumnNameForUserID” metadata key to your map layers with the value “userID” (see #2)

Step 5 - Add new contact record setting the default Email field as the user name and the newly created password field as the password