Touchgeo Help



To deploy touchgeo, you must configure the isc.touchgeo.config.js file as follows:


// the map id used for this instance

touchgeo.mapId = '[your map file id]';


// the touchgeo service endpoint root

touchgeo.rootUri = 'http://[your site]/TouchgeoWeb/';


// mS timeout for all ajax async calls

touchgeo.asyncTimeoutMs = 30000;


// the max allowed size in bytes for photo submission

touchgeo.maxPhotoSizeBytes = 10000000;


// mS delay to check server for tag update

// this is used to allow concurrent editing and auto-refresh on all clients

// set to zero (0) to disable this feature

touchgeo.tagCheckMs = 10000;


// support for date range filtering, set to true to enable

// see the layer level metadata key SQLColumnNameForDate for additional required configuration

touchgeo.enableDateRangeFiltering = false;


// the offset from today to set the start date by default (0 is today, -7 is one week ago, etc.)

touchgeo.dateRangeFilteringDefaultStart = 0;


// the offset from today to set the end date by default (0 is today, 7 is one week from now, etc.)

touchgeo.dateRangeFilteringDefaultEnd = 0;