MapDotNet for Dynamics CRM is now EasyTerritory!  Like what you see here?  All of the MapDotNet for Dynamics CRM components are now available through  Please visit to sign up for a free 30-day trial.


MapDotNet is the perfect extension for Dynamics CRM Online or 2011 that provides unparalleled geospatial capabilities to enhance sales force automation, business intelligence and mobile data collection.  As a strong Microsoft partner with years of experience developing custom solutions for Dynamics CRM, our team can help you implement complex geospatial requirements within CRM.

Under a services agreement with ISC, we can easily extend existing intellectual property to meet the following needs:

Territory Mapping and Management

  • Extend the Territory entity within Dynamics CRM with geospatial data.
  • Allow users to build geographic regions (polygons) from predefined GIS boundaries like zip code, county boundary, city limits, state, or country.
  • Allow users to draw, edit and delete custom territory boundaries for sub-city or county markets.

Map-based Business Intelligence

  • Leverage the open source Open Intel II HTML5 Business Intelligence Solution to meet complex mapping needs within CRM dashboards or entities.
  • Integrate dynamic thematic maps within the CRM dashboard view or a launch map in a new window.
  • Allow users to setup predefined views or filters using the ‘Advanced Find’ capabilities of Dynamics CRM.
  • Overlay territory boundaries or any other supporting spatial data.
  • Commonly used in sales intelligence scenarios like mapping leads and opportunities, appointments, or service calls.

Mobile Data Collection Emphasizing Geographic Data

  • Leverage the HTML5 app codebase (touchgeo) to push non-spatial data into CRM entities and sync them with tables storing spatial data in SQL Server 2008/2012 or SQL Azure.
  • Support dynamic form generation engine drive by Dynamics CRM entity attributes.
  • Support common spatial data collections such as points, lines and polygons as well as full CRUD support.
  • Touch-enabled for use on devices like the Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 and Android.
  • Allow users to locate themselves using a device’s GPS, fill out dynamic forms driven by CRM and submit a picture taken with the phone's camera.
  • Commonly used in government scenarios like 311 citizen issue reporting and code enforcement or in the private sector for field data collection.

Market Analysis and Demographics

  • Driven by the large amounts of customer and competitor data you have in CRM.
  • Commonly used in site selection process, market analysis, proximity analysis or sales territory optimization.
  • Overlay territory boundaries and Census 2010 demographic data.
  • Perform ad hoc analysis (spatial queries) on the data.
  • Share maps and data views with the map share capability.
  • Leverage your base map data or consumer services like Bing Maps for Enterprise, MapQuest Open and OpenStreetMap.

Geocode Processing

  • Geocode existing addresses and update a SQL table with a geometry data type with a sync utility.
  • Useful for doing bulk geocodes of existing records or geocoding new address records on creation.
  • Leverage internal your geocoding services or consumer services like Bing Maps for Enterprise, MapQuest Open and OpenStreetMap.